About the Pantry

The KAH United Food Pantry serves those in need of supplemental food and necessities in the Marple Newtown Community.

Following the closing of a local food bank in 2022, the KAH United team decided to fill the need in the Marple Newtown area and open a food pantry in our Broomall location. The community came together, organizing drives, supplying items from individual households,companies held drives for us and so many supported us with monetary donations to purchase additional food. We opened on schedule with our first official distribution in January 2023. Thank you!

The food pantry aligned perfectly with our mission and is another step in ensuring that everyone has access to food.

Pop Pop's Stash


My dad was truly one of the very best, to know him was to love him and everyone loved my dad. He was my real estate business partner for over 20 years along with my mom, my Wednesday lunch buddy, the greatest pop pop to his 7 grandchildren, the worlds greatest dad, my mom's best friend for more than 50 years, and was loved by everyone who knew him!

In January 2021 I lost my sweet daddy to covid. He was 69 years old, happy, healthy and full of life. I have wanted to find a way to honor my dad! I don't want anyone to ever forget him and I want to always keep his memory alive.

We recently started a community food pantry and have decided to dedicate a section of it to my dad. My dad loved his sweets! Growing up he and I used to watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune together every night. He would get a big bowl of vanilla ice cream and ride the stationary bike while eating his ice cream and watching those shows. He loved taking his grand kids out for ice cream, water ice, candies and slurpee's.

We always had his favorite treats for him when he came over and he always had our favorites when we would visit him. This section in our pantry became known as Pop Pop's Stash. When he would come over he always wanted to know what was in Pop Pop's Stash. Sometimes he would call the kids in advance to make sure they had a good "stash" for him. These treats consisted of all his favorites including different varieties of tastykakes. 

So to honor my dad we started Pop Pop's Stash at our community food pantry. This shelf in our food panty is filled with his favorite treats and every one that comes to pick up food from the pantry gets something "extra" from Pop Pop's Stash. My kids and I shop each week for what will be given out that week in memory of Pop Pop. It's our small way of remembering my dad and their Pop Pop.

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