Packing meals is a wonderful, fulfilling way to feel that you are making a real difference! You can see the progress with each bag you pack. From the very young to senior citizens, any group can be involved in this process. Since there is a high demand for food it can be challenging for us to keep up and replenish the ingredients and supplies used. With that said, we urge all volunteers to help us cover the cost of the meals they pack by making a $25 financial donation when you register to volunteer. On average every person that packs meals with us packs $150 of food per shift. In order to continue to pack meals and send them to our community food pantries we need to raise the money to cover the cost of food for each shift. Your donation, no matter how much, will help ensure that we are able to keep the shelves of our community food pantries full. You can also become a HUNGER HERO. by donating monthly. As an incentive for becoming a HUNGER HERO, once your reoccuring donation is setup we will provide you a special coupon code for volunteering.

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